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Not for lack of trying before now. I was just always a bit of a tomboy growing up. I went for more of the care-free hippie style as a teenager. There was the half-year or so of middle school I took “modeling” classes at the local Barbizon school (I was sucked in by the ad in the back of Seventeen). The main thing I learned during that awkward faze was that acne-prone preteens were not modeling material, and that I had a winter rather than a summer skin tone type (whatever the heck that means).

I got away with care-free hair well enough through high school, but when I became a mama at 19 and married with three more little ones by 26, I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation, postpartum hair loss, and lucky to ever get a shower let alone decent-looking hair.

After fretting over my frizzy locks (and sweaty armpits) in an attempt to gussy myself up a bit for family photos this past summer, I’d finally had it (I know, about darn time, right?). I searched the heck out of Pinterest for the perfect five-minute hairdo how-to, and found it! Thank you internet/Pinterest/awesome DIY bloggers. Now a few minutes with the curling iron most mornings (or not if I’m homebound for the day), and I’m prettied up and perky. Okay, not always perky, but done up hair definitely keeps the grouchiness to a minimum.

I won’t be entering any super-mama beauty contests (or enrolling back in finishing school) anytime soon, but now that I’ve moved onto life beyond diapers, my hair and the rest of my body feel a little more like my own. Albeit with a few extra pounds added in. Here’s hoping my kids don’t make me tear my beach-wavy locks all out before I make it to thirty.

What little ways have you finally made it to grownup-hood?

Oh, and for any of you mamas out there in need of a hair pick-me-up, here’s that tutorial I was telling you about!

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