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My kids clothes philosophy tends to be a pretty laid-back one. Basically, if they’re dressed for the day and ready to go on time, we’re set. There can be some funny–or stubborn–outfits as a result (have you read about Eleanor’s footwear of choice?). With four kids, I’ve learned to pick my battles, and what they wear day to day just isn’t one of them. I do try to pick out clothes that make it hard for them to go wrong, and The Children’s Place was perfect for making some updates to their fall wardrobe.
I don’t usually shop with the kids along, but Liam came with me this time and picked out hats and vests to match with his big brother. They’ve been hamming it up and turning heads ever since! I love how versatile these pieces are–they can go from play to dressy with little effort.


The girls were probably a little harder to shop for–but only because there were so many great things to choose from (and I had a six-year-old who was ready to get going). I decided on some bedazzled tunics, bold heart scarves, and some of the most adorable polar bear and puppy mittens (not pictured). Never mind if Eleanor wants to layer it over her favorite dress, too. And the girls’ holiday dresses were really pulling on my heart strings, so you might just find me back in the store again soon.

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Thank you to The Children’s Place for sponsoring this post and showing my kiddos’ closets some love!
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