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Kindness begins at home #CraftersRAK

As we approach the holidays, this is often a time of year when we reflect on the things we’re thankful for and think of ways to give to causes we care about. Today I’m remembering that kindness and thoughtfulness begin at home. 
As part of the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) campaign with this month, I decided to show a little extra love to my oldest son, Skyler. At ten-years-old with three younger siblings, he doesn’t get quite as much time with me as I’d like to give. So when I saw that Consumer Crafts sells Smash books, I decided to start a book for me and the big guy to write letters back and forth. I gave him his first letter yesterday, and his reaction was priceless. 
Kindness begins at home #CraftersRAK

My gift may not have been so random, but it was out of the ordinary. I don’t know that we’ll be sharing life-changing secrets in our book, but it’s already brought us a little closer together.
Kindness begins at home #CraftersRAK
Want to start your own Smash Book with your loved ones? Here are some items to get you started (and you can get them all for under $20!):

Kindness begins at home #CraftersRAK
I can’t wait to read what he’ll be sharing. How do you connect with and show kindness to your kids?

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