Month: March 2014

Shared Girls’ Room Inspiration

The girls officially moved up to big girl beds last week, and along with a trip up to Ikea, ripping out an extra door and a fresh coat of paint (okay my husband and father-in-law did those last couple of things), I’ve been gathering all sorts of ideas for sprucing up their room. Here are […]

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7 Thrifty Collections

This post is sponsored by Goodwill SA.  I’m an avid thrifter all year long, but something about spring (or at least the beginnings of it) makes me even more eager to go hunting for a good find. Oftentimes I’ll come across several of the same item which individually may not seem special, but en masse […]

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Everyday Bento Review and Giveaway

Above photos courtesy Wendy Copley I have had the pleasure of knowing my friend Wendy Copley of Wendolonia for several years now, in fact she was among the first blogs I started following! If you don’t already know Wendy, she is a crafter extraordinaire. From sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, and general crafty awesomeness, this lady does […]

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