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This post is sponsored by Goodwill SA
Daylight Savings time has ended and we’ve had a dip in temperature here in San Antonio; it finally feels like fall. Halloween decorations are down, and the holidays are on their way. I’m not a huge fall decorator, but I love little touches, and I found some perfect items to bring fall home on my recent trip to Goodwill. 

The trio of gold tea light holders are probably my favorite. I have no idea what brand/store/company they come from, but that’s part of the beauty of thrifting–you can look past the filter of brands and at the thing itself. Same with the wire-wrapped jar. It looks lovely and I love it. 
I was also drawn to the bowls, and was pleasantly surprised when I learned they were Pyrex. I’d never seen iridescent Pyrex before, and admired their dark tone. I’m not quite sure what I’ll use them for yet, but what vintage-loving girl can resist Pyrex? (That’s another great thing about thrifting–name-brand items for cheap.)
What are your favorite ways to bring fall home? Any amazing thrift store finds?

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