Month: January 2015

My Top Picks from the Ultimate DIY Bundle

I shared briefly about the Ultimate DIY Bundle in my recent post about how I find creative inspiration, but today I wanted to tell you more about my favorite picks. I purchased the bundle myself and have been loving reading through it. Here are my must-haves: Updated & On Trend Tassels by Myquilyn Smith ($4.99)–Myquilyn is the wonder […]

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7 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration


I began my creative journey writing and illustrating my own storybooks as a little girl, and continued on to overly dramatic poetry as a teenager. I loved making my own dollhouse furniture and accessories, and as I got older my bedroom was my biggest canvas, collaged from wall to wall with my favorite images torn […]

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New Chicks

We began keeping chickens two years ago, and although we still have a few of the original ten, we usually buy a handful more each year to have enough eggs for our large family. Ours have already passed the cute and fluffy ball stage and have moved on to looking like little dinosaurs stretching out their […]

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Upcycled Tea Towel Tote

I have a weakness for vintage textiles, especially the bold designs on tea towels. The only problem is I buy them and don’t do anything with them! So, in an effort to utilize my stash, I’m sharing how to make an upcycled tea towel tote over at DIY Candy this week. Click over for the […]

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