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It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling inspired to put our best foot forward and work extra hard to make our lives better. I’ve got a bit of the get-organized bug, so today I’m sharing 12 clever ways to organize around the home with thrift store finds.

1. Vintage Spice Tins to Fridge Organizer via eHow
Keep everyday supplies on display in pretty vintage tins and out of the junk drawer.  

2. Alternative uses for vintage planters by House of Hawthornes
Next time you see a whimsical planter, pick it up and take it home to add a little whimsy to your indoor storage. 

3. Milk Glass Jewelry Holders via whippy cake

Glam up your vanity with an eclectic mix of milk glass.

4. DIY Shutter Wall Organizer by Things We Do
Use an old shutter in place of a bulletin board. 

5. Keyboard Pencil Jar
Crack open an old keyboard to make a techie pencil jar. 

6. Screwdriver Coat Rack by HomeMade Modern
Spray paint old screwdrivers to make this clever coat rack.

7. Lampshade Basket

Turn a colorful lampshade into a storage basket.

8. Easy Thrifted Basket Storage

Or buy a whole bunch of baskets to store just about anything.

9. Tin and Basket Shelves
Hang any extra baskets on the wall for displaying your pretty knick knacks. 

12. Vintage Wall Pocket Turned Wall Organizer by House of Hawthornes

What are your favorite thrifty tricks for organizing? Is there a space in your home that needs some extra loving? I’d love to hear how you’re using thrifted finds in your home!
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