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I’ve always loved making collages. Maybe it was the 90’s child in me, but most of my school folders were covered in magazine cutouts. I even covered my bedroom walls with collaged words and images that struck my fancy. I’ve been meaning to make myself a vision board since the new year (aka the grownup version of a collage), but for some reason kept getting stuck on what pictures to use. I have a pretty hefty stash of home and craft magazines, and I took the time to pour through them and cut out different bits and pieces. I even journaled about the things I wanted to work on this year so I could have a better idea of what to clip out of all those magazines. But all those clippings just stayed put in a file folder and whenever I took them out I felt limited in what I could do with them. That’s where the HP Sprout comes in.

The Sprout is an incredible new creative computer system that allows you to bring 3D objects to life on the screen at the touch of a button. So I can easily take all those clippings (or keep them in the magazine next time) and combine them with my own images and favorite clippings from around the web to bring my vision board to the next level. And when my vision changes, I can change my board along with it! I can print it, set it as my desktop wallpaper, or share it across the web. The Sprout makes it super easy to merge my offline and online worlds.

Take a look at how easy it is to create with Sprout in this video:

This year, my personal vision is all about celebrating who I am–and challenging myself to find my own inner strength. A vision board is a great touchstone to refer to again and again when facing difficult decisions and challenges in life. Have you ever made one? What is your vision for yourself this year? To be more creative? Self-loving? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

P.S. Looking for some inspiration during your next project? Take a listen to To the Best of Our Knowledge’s Epic Fail episode, it’s a good one!

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