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I am a sucker for secondhand chairs. Especially when it’s got some character, with room to add my own touch. I found this beauty at the thrift store last week for $7. And although it started off with a dated mauve cushion, I couldn’t reset the wicker back. I wanted to keep things green with the cushion, so I grabbed a pair of colorful pants to give it a new seat. If you’re looking to reupholster a chair, this is a great idea!


  • Chair with removable cushion
  • Colorful pants
  • Screwdriver
  • Box cutter
  • Staple gun
  • Sewing machine & scissors 

Steps 1 & 2: Flip the chair over and remove the cushion, saving screws for later. Use the box cutter to cut the old fabric from the bottom of cushion.


Steps 3-5: Cut the pant legs leaving enough excess to fold over cushion. Cut the inseam of each pant leg, remove the unneeded front of the pants, fold the top of the leg over and use fabric leftovers to fill in the triangle below, sewing all the edges down. Lay your cushion on the fabric panel you’ve just created and fold the pants over the edge and staple in place. 

Step 6: Place the cushion back on the chair frame and screw together!

Now you have a fun and quirky, eco-friendly addition for your home!

This post originally appeared on DIY Candy

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