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One of the first sections I always walk through at the thrift store is kitchenware. I am a sucker for vintage Pyrex, colorful dishes, and whimsically printed glassware. I have more coffee and tea cups than I could ever need, but there’s always room for more! 

Pictured above is my collection of Pyrex bowls and casseroles (there’s actually one missing from this shot). The teal trimmed tea cups are also Pyrex and the other tea cups and saucers are Corelle (two brands I’m always on the lookout for–both by Corning). The yellow daisy coffee mugs are unmarked, so I’m not quite sure what brand they are. 
I’m also always on the lookout for drinking glasses. I try to keep plastic cups to a minimum now that the kids are all older. Glasses do break from time to time though, but that’s just another excuse to by more cute vintage ones. I found the striped set above with the carrier and coasters for $5 at a garage sale (I believe they’re the vintage Hazel Atlas brand). 
Enamelware is another favorite of mine, although I don’t have as much. I use these two baking sheets in the oven all the time, and I love keeping fruit on the counter in the matching bowl.
Some of my most recent Goodwill finds are the red and green Le Creuset pots above (the orange one one is Descoware). I saw them separately at first and did a little happy dance when I found the sauce pan. I saw another woman pick up the dutch oven as I walked down another aisle. 
I completely held my breath praying that she would put it back down. Nothing feels worse than seeing someone else with a find that makes your heart sing. I nonchalantly snatched it up as soon as she put it back on the shelf–before she could change her mind! I didn’t realize the handle was broken until I brought it home, but by then I didn’t care. I’ve always loved Le Creuset but could never afford it–I’ll take my flawed for $8! 
I did make someone else gasp in jealousy when I found these old copper pots, though. (I know, I shouldn’t want to make others jealous–but I was so excited to find them!) These are Tagus, and not the most high end copper pots from what I know, but they’re beautiful nonetheless. 
And keeping with copper, I use these containers to store my tea. I’m definitely a coffee girl, but I try to keep it to one cup in the mornings, and I’ll have chai or green tea in the evenings. 

I found this set of yellow Independence Ironstone as a full set for about $12 at another Goodwill last month, and of course I had to take them home! I actually have a stash of Corelle party plates I keep on hand for crowds, too. We typically use our store-bought plates for everyday use.

One of my most prized vintage kitchenware finds, however, is this sweet little Pyrex salt shaker. I actually found it as a duo, but sadly the other broke. This little salt shaker keeps on shaking on though! 
Do you have any favorite thrifted or vintage kitchenware finds? If you loved this post, you’ll also love my vintage suitcase collection. And be sure to follow my thrift store board on Pinterest for more great thrifty tips and finds! 
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