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I love a good apron, and an easy-to-make handmade one is even better. Today, I’m excited to share Plaid Crafts’ new Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps and Fabric Ink, both available at Hobby Lobby and I recently received an amazing box of these block printing stamps and fabric ink, and was challenged to create a fun reuse project. This DIY T-Shirt Apron requires absolutely no sewing and is perfect for crafting, cooking, or even for kid’s art projects.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A large or extra-large plain t-shirt
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Your favorite Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps and Fabric Ink (I used Aqua and Marigold)
  • Sponge Cubes and Stamping Mat
  • Cleaning Brush

To make your apron, fold your t-shirt in half and cut from the armpit to the neck.

Unfold your shirt and turn it to the back, then trim the fabric away from the back of the neck and cut off from the armpits and up (first photo on the left).

Next cut out a large rectangle from the bottom, leaving a three-inch strip across the back. Lastly, cut up halfway through the remaining strip, then across to the other side and up again to create your apron ties.

Gently pull the apron ties and they’ll curl up, hiding any uneven edges. There’s your basic apron–now let’s pretty it up a bit!

I chose a rectangular Block Print Stamp with Aqua Soft Fabric Ink to make a band across the waist. To use your Block Print Stamp, apply the ink to your sponge and pounce it onto the stamp. Place your Stamping Mat under your apron, and press the stamp down firmly. Reapply the ink after each use.

I used another stamp in Marigold to create a staggered pattern on the rest of the apron–I love how it turned out! Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Ink is the perfect formulation for stamping, stenciling and brushing on fabric–that means clear, crisp lines when you use your stamp! Plus the ink is machine washable, waterbased, and non-toxic. The fabric ink was much easier to work with than regular fabric paint. Be sure to rinse out your sponges and gently wash your stamps with the brush and warm soapy water–don’t let the ink dry on your stamps!

I hope you’re inspired to make your own DIY T-Shirt Aprons! For more inspiration, special offers and projects, follow Plaid on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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