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This post is sponsored by Crafteeo

My boys recently had the opportunity to try their hands at making their own cardboard helmets from Crafteeo. It was fun being able to surprise them with the kits and they got right to making. Crafteeo is a family run company inspired by their own kids’ love for playing with the box rather than all of the toys during gift giving seasons.  

The Southern Guardian Helmet kits we received came complete with the cardboard punch outs, paint, and LED lights, and we used our own hot glue and the online video instructions to put it all together. And when I say we, I really mean the boys–they were a pretty involved project, taking several hours over a couple days. It probably would have been too difficult for just my 8-year-old to do by himself, but with his 11-year-old brother they made a great team.  

The helmets were such a hit with my boys, that I think this may become a new go-to birthday gift for their friends–and my boys can’t wait to try out more of their kits! Crafteeo is running a Kickstarter campaign to help produce their cardboard body armor set, and I highly recommend popping over and checking them out. You can even try download the pattern to make your own Guardian Spear for free

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