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This post is sponsored by HP.

Working and making from home in the midst of being a mama of four has it’s way of keeping me busy. I carry a to-do notebook with me to keep track of it all, and I do my best to plan as much as I can ahead of time: meal planning and grocery shopping, family activities, craft supply shopping, photographing, writing, and editing posts, and the hundred other things that come with these roles.

But life happens, and a wrench gets thrown in from time to time to throw me off kilter. Boys run into doorways and need emergency stitches, someone gets sick and I have to pick them up from school, or the printer runs out of ink in the middle of a project. Sometimes life’s little emergencies can’t be avoided, but running out of printer ink when I need it the most isn’t one of those wrenches anymore.

I’ve just started using HP Instant Ink and am in love with the ease of never running out of ink. When you sign up for HP Instant Ink, your printer tells HP when to send more ink–before you run out. With plans starting at just $2.99/month, it’s totally affordable. Even better, you can get three months of free ink when you purchase an eligible printer and sign up online.

So far I’ve used my HP Envy printer for printables and photos, as well as personal and business documents–and my kids love to print out coloring sheets from the built in apps. With built-in wi-fi, I can print wirelessly from my laptop or phone. The photo quality of my HP Envy is incredible and makes it so much easier for me to get photos off of my phone–no more running to the store to pick up prints or waiting forever to print anything!

I’ve been using the HP Social Media Snapshots app to print out removable sticky photos from my Instagram and Facebook photos and am addicted to seeing those photos pop out of my printer. I even made an easy little upcycled photo album to show them off:

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
Check out my video for the full how-to and to see the HP Instant Ink printer and HP Social Media Snapshots in action:
A huge thanks to HP for sponsoring this post, and to you, my wonderful readers, for making fun collaborations like this possible with your support! 
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