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I’ve amassed a number of quirky and colorful collections during the 15 plus years I’ve been thrifting, but it’s only been the last five or so that I’ve been collecting blankets. I think when you become a mother, blankets automatically become an obsession. As my kids grew out of their swaddling days I ventured into making my own blankets for them (I still have a bag of the girls’ baby clothes to one day turn into quilts!). I don’t get to make as many blankets as I’d love to these days, but coming across colorful thrifted finds definitely helps make up the difference!
I love cuddling up under a blanket in the winter, swinging one over the hammock, or taking one along for a picnic in the summer. And I always have a blanket (or two) in the back of my mama-van. Here’s a peek at my full collection of thrifted blankets.



The floral blanket on the bottom is actually a thrifted sheet and blanket I tie-quilted together (you can see it a little better in this post). And the solid striped one I made from thrifted jeans and a sheet for the backing (you can check out that one here).

I’m also a sucker for brightly-colored crochet blankets. It almost breaks my heart to see that someone gave them up, but then I get so excited about being the one to find it and take it home!




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