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I’m back this week with a peek at another one of my thrift store collections, and it’s all about bags. Before I show you my stuff,  I wanted to make sure you come follow @makermama on Periscope. I shared my first scope today while I was thrifting at my local Goodwill, so be sure to come watch it before it’s gone. Now on to the bags! 
This is one of oldest and dearest bag friends. I found this faux leather map tote at a garage sale way back in my middle school days. She’s a bit tattered and torn, but I can’t bear to give her up. 

This woven bag is my latest Goodwill bag find, and it was love at first sight. Sometimes I’m astonished that nobody snags these things first! This bag is pretty large, so I can’t really justify it for every day use, but it will make a great market or beach tote.

Another great woven bag I love, I use this one to store these palm leaf fans I also found at the thrift store.

This beauty was my everyday purse up until recently. One of my most colorful purses (it’s hot pink inside), I’ll still use it from time to time. Anyone else switch purses as often as I do?

This leather HOBO handbag was actually a gift from my girl Bonnie of Despeinada Styles, and this is my current go-to bag. It goes with everything and is perfect for day or night.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve got a thing for natural, beachy bags. This was another one with great character that I couldn’t pass up.

I have yet to use these two red Gap bags much yet, but I’m sure they’ll find their way into the rotation soon. 

Do you have any favorite thrifted bags? I’d love to see pictures!! Tag your photos with #ThriftStoreCollector on Instagram and I just might give you a shout out online! Be sure to check out my thrifted blanket and suitcase collections while you’re here.

Happy thrifting! 

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