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This time last year I would not have had the courage to post many photos of myself, let alone any that implied I had a sense of style. I’ve lived the majority of my life not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Maybe it was having bucked teeth as a kid, acne since adolescence, and then a not-so-bikini-body after having four kids. We women have a great way of honing in on our imperfections and feeling crippled by those, don’t we? I used to feel uncomfortable standing next to any woman who was more attractive than I was according to the world’s standards. But if my journey into single motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that you can only receive as much love as you give yourself. And I’m ready to love and accept myself, dang it! 
Of course, there are bigger style mavens than me out there–but the biggest thing that makes every woman beautiful is confidence and a smile. And I’m going to do my best to put those two things on every day. I’m going to love my body and be my cute and quirky self. I was even brave enough to pose for this amazing campaign (and talk about it on one of the local morning shows) earlier this year. My biggest hope is that you find the courage to truly love yourself inside and out today, and everyday, too. 
So, in the continuing efforts to love my uniqueness, I’m joining four other beautiful real-life mamas over at Kids Stuff World today for our 15 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2015
How will you celebrate your own unique beauty today?
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