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How have your creative juices been flowing this past week everyone? Any triumphs to share–big or small? This past week I’ve been fine-tuning my work process and exercising compassion for myself in growing my work one little step at a time. As an ENFP, I’m great at dreaming up a million ideas in a day. The key is learning how to focus and hone in on the best of those ideas–while still holding onto the initial spark of inspiration. What challenges do you face over and over again? Here’s your Monday Maker Motivator to help you hone in on your creative passions and see them through. 

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This video via Soul Pancake illustrates the crossroads we all face in choosing the thing our heart longs to do and staying with what we know. No great idea comes to life without first jumping into the unknown. You can listen to the full interview with Elle Luna on the Unmistakable Creative or a grab a copy of Luna’s book here
How to Find Your Passion in 5 Creativity Exercises Exercise number 1? Revisit your childhood. As a kid, my first love was writing. I have dozens of journals and handmade books I’ve kept over the years (and hundreds of melodramatic poems). I was an editor for my college literary magazine, wrote for the school paper, and I interned at a literary arts non-profit and worked as a program director there straight out of school. I always thought I’d go into an MFA program, but right now I’m blazing my own trail in my creative passions–which still includes my childhood love, writing. 
This interview with Mary Karry on NPR’s Fresh Air inspired me to go pick up her memoir Lit. I’ve always loved learning more about the lives of creatives and Karr puts all of her weaknesses out there for the world to see and radiates such strength in doing so. 

Creative Live is an online community that offers free live courses for every creative entrepreneur. From photography, to bookkeeping, to producing your own music, this is a great place for you to grow in your work. Can’t make the live class? You can purchase lifetime access to any of their classes. 
My class picks include Photo Week 2015 (which is happening now–so sign up for free today!), 
Craft Photography Fundamentals (with my friend and fellow blogger Candice Stringham), and 
Become Fluent in Any Language (I’ve studied French on and off since I was a kid but have never mastered the language). 

If you’re not already familiar with Marie Forleo, you’re missing out! I love her recent video on How to Follow Through–just the pep talk I need for honing in on one idea at a time! 
I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Now go be your awesome self!

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