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I don’t think creativity is exclusive to artists or people who make objects with their hands. Creativity is about curiousity–a constant hunger for exploring how the world works and how we can make our own small little mark on it. Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks was one such creative. His innovative thinking is most easily recognizable in the film adaptation of his book Awakenings in which Robin Williams plays neurologist Sacks who helped reawaken catatonic patients at the beginning of his career. 

We may not all be scientists making such drastic impacts on the world around us, but we can learn from the way a scientist thinks by being willing to grow from each failure–and be brave enough to make them in the first place. I am first in line when it comes to holding myself back creatively because of fear–but we’ll never find what works if we don’t give ourselves compassion in tripping along the way sometimes. 

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This is where I’m finding inspiration in my own creative work this week:

NPR’s TED Radio Hour episode on The Source of Creativity, featuring musician Sting on how to get over writer’s block, Charles Limb on what a creative brain looks like, Sir Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity, and my always favorite Elizabeth Gilbert on where creativity comes from. 

Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear was released last week and I’ve been reading it voraciously. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can buy the hardcopy for just $13 on Amazon, or even listen to Gilbert read the audio version herself. I also wrote about her podcast Magic Lessons in the very first Monday Maker Motivator

Dale Partridge is the 30-year-old down-to-earth millionaire behind Sevenly and The Daily Positive, and he has an amazing podcast called Startup Camp with great insights into entrepreneurial living. I’m digging his latest episode, How to Have an Insanely Productive Morning. He is also running BlogCamp 2015 on October 7th, for any of you looking to launch a blog or bring your current online business to the next level–I’m even thinking about signing up myself! 

I’ve also piddled around on the piano for years, and have officially started taking lessons–something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I’m finally making it happen. Huge thanks to my instructor and local musician Dana Clark for this week’s quote, too (and filling me up with music!). 

I also did an exciting interview with another local musician and filmmaker that I can’t wait to share with you next week–so be sure to stay tuned! 

Where are you finding your drive this week? Any amazing podcasts or articles you’ve read recently?Share them with all of us in the comments below! 

Happy making!

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