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I am absolutely in love with this quote. Thrifting is a process of creation for me, a careful choosing of character-filled objects that reflect meaning and value in the things I bring into my life. Gosh, I think too darn deeply about thrifting, don’t I? Well, it is what it is, and I adore the discarded. I love discovering hidden gems on thrift store shelves and finding joy in their quirks. Here are some of my latest whimsical finds. 

 Vintage seltzer bottle

 English tin tray
 Star etched glasses (check out the rest of my kitchenware collection here)

 1950’s tin tray set
 Plaza hotel tin

 Blue cookie tin (can you tell I have a thing for tins?)

Calvin Klein Sport shorts–not sure if I’m 100% in love with these or not, but they kind of have an Annie Hall feeling to them, and she’s the queen of cute and quirky. 

Are you a thrift store lover like me? What’s your latest find? Tag your Instagram photos with #ThriftStoreCollector and show off your thrifted finds!

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