Month: October 2015

DIY 3D Printed Vintage Ornaments


This post is sponsored by HP® Sprout   I have a weakness for cute collectibles from the thrift store. I’ve had these sweet kissing angels for a while now, and they have yet to find the right space in my home, so they’ve been packed away for ages. When HP contacted me about their 3D printing […]

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The Maker View Podcast Episode 4 | Lacy Stroessner of Madre Beads

Today on episode 4 of The Maker View I’m talking with Lacy Stroessner, the woman behind Madre Beads, a handmade jewelry business. Lacy founded Madre Beads just earlier this year after years of blogging, and it has already surpassed her expectations. Join me in listening to her interview and how she’s living her dream of […]

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The Maker View Podcast Episode 3 | Caroline Gravino of Salsa Pie Productions

Today on Episode 3 of The Maker View I’m talking with Caroline Gravino, fellow single mama of four and the creative mastermind behind Salsa Pie Productions. Caroline talks about how she considers herself a creative content designer rather than a blogger, the importance of downtime in sustaining creativity, and her tips on getting started in video […]

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DIY Plastic Canvas Star Lights


Maybe it’s the result of being a child of the 80’s, but I have a weakness for plastic canvas. I love what a versatile material it is. One of my favorite toys from my own childhood that my mom made for me is a set of plastic canvas blocks stitched together with yarn and little […]

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Monday Maker Motivator #8

The Monday Maker Motivator has moved! As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m moving this weekly series off site and directly to your inbox. If you haven’t already, sign up for The Monday Maker Motivator here. And you can view and share today’s issue here.

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