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In this day and age, with Pinterest and how-to videos for anything and everything under the sun, it’s easy to feel like we have to DIY all the things. But that’s where we end up with half-done and failed projects. Sometimes it’s good to do things yourself, though, and it can definitely bring a sense of accomplishment. I’ve enjoyed making clothes for the kids from time to time (the girls have about outgrown these adorable coats though), and even my own eco-friendly cleaners. 

But sometimes it’s just better to let somebody else do it. For me, that’s haircuts. Unless it’s a straight summer buzz-cut for my boys, I’m no hairstylist. Earlier this year, I discovered the ponytail haircut method and got excited to try it. Luckily I was wise enough not to do it on my own hair, and made my youngest, Amelia, my guinea pig (sorry, baby–every kid has to have at least one bad haircut in life!). 

The results weren’t exactly disastrous, (especially compared to when my kids cut their own hair), but it wasn’t what I was going for either. The ponytail method is great if you have long hair and just want to create some chunky layers, but not so great for figuring out how to actually shorten hair. Which was the whole reason why I wanted to do it–that girl would hardly let me brush her lengthy locks. And those layers really made it hard to put her hair up for a while. 

Lesson learned here? It’s great to try low-risk DIY’s, but don’t get so stuck on doing everything yourself–you’ll end up paying more with time or money in the long run if things go wrong. I just take the kids to Great Clips now–although four kids at the haircutter’s is a feat in itself. And maybe I’ll just make more of an effort to brush her hair when it’s longer again–it is pretty darn gorgeous! 

How about you? What are your DIY don’ts? Anything that turned out better than expected?? Share your story in the comments below! 

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