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I recently printed this quote and taped it to my computer screen. I have limited myself so much in life because of fear–but the times when I have been brave enough to step out from behind it have been some of the richest experiences of my life. There’s still a lot of fear in being a single mama making a creative living–but sometimes we just have to stop freaking ourselves out, and do it, right? 

Here’s what’s inspiring my own creative journey this week, and I’d love to hear what’s motivating your making recently. 

You already know I love Kathleen and Emily over at Being Boss, and this episode with the incredible entrepreneur Jason Zook talking about how to embrace what makes you different was my favorite this week. 

Speaking of Jason Zook, he talked a lot about his latest project, Buy My Future, which is exactly what it sounds like. He’s selling access to all of his future (and past) work to anyone who wants it. This is such an incredible business model that no one has done before (which Jason is known for thinking completely outside of the box). The most incredible thing about this idea? It will free him up to focus entirely on his creative work–that’s what we all really want, isn’t it? But this opportunity only lasts until tomorrow! Isn’t it inspiring to see people like this in the world??

I’m also loving this reflection on Criticism in the Face of Creativity by Andrea in the latest Crafting Connections newsletter

And I just discovered the amazing blog, Creative Something, which is all about exploring the science and philosophy behind creativity. Check out this article on How to be the Most Creative Person in the World. Founder Tanner Christensen’s personal website is worth a look at, as well. 

In other news, I am branching out in my own creative endeavors and am starting a podcast–tomorrow! It feels kind of crazy, and it’s an unexpected decision, but one that has been brewing invisibly in my mind for a long time. I’m nervous and scared of putting myself out there this way (especially since I’m such a newbie and it’s not going to be perfect), but I’m also very excited and hope you’ll join me for my first episode!

Here’s to stepping out beyond fear–what fears will you let yourself overcome this week?

Happy making, my friends!  

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