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Six years ago, I started this blog as a creative outlet after becoming a stay-at-home mama.  The site has been through many changes (including a name change!), and I never imagined it becoming what it is today. I’ve done everything from teaching myself to code, learning how to take better photos, building relationships and contributing to other websites, and now, starting a podcast! You may have seen my first episode of The Maker View go live last week–a huge thanks for all of your support in this new endeavor. 

As put-together as I may seem online at times, that is just one facet of my life, and there are 100 other things that I am unsure of and giving myself permission to be just good enough at. I hope you all are able to give yourselves permission to do the things that excite and scare you in your own creative journeys this week. 

Here are my weekly picks, hacks, and inspirations to motivate your own inner maker.
As a self-professed ENFP, I constantly have dozens of ideas bouncing around in my head–which can prevent me from moving forward with any of them. I’m loving Spruce Road’s post on How to avoid becoming paralyzed by too many ideas–yes please!

When I finally do settle on an idea, the initial excitement can dwindle and it starts to actually feel like work (gee-golly, how does that happen??). The Nectar Collective has some great tips on How to get shit done even when you’re totally unmotivated, ’cause you gotta do what you gotta do!

Want to take your creative freelance work to the next level? CreativeLive’s amazing infographic on how to calculate your freelance hourly rate is a perfect resource for making that happen. I love it when there are formulas for figuring things out, and this is a wonderfully detailed one.

And Amber Rae of The World We Want says, “Fear means you’re headed in the right direction” in this post from the Asana Blog on aiming for rejection, cultivating your vision, and 8 simple rules for living the life you want
What in your work–or possible work–scares and excites you this week? Recently for me, it was starting the podcast. I overcame the negative voices in my head and I’m having a blast doing it–stay tuned tomorrow for episode 2!

On another note, I’ve decided to move The Monday Maker Motivator to a newsletter starting next week. I’ll still be sharing my favorite picks to inspire your creative work each week, but now you’ll be able to read it straight from your inbox! Sign up here to get next week’s issue.

Happy making everyone! 
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