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We’ve all heard the clichés: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy; or put on your own oxygen mask first. They’re clichés for a reason, and these sayings are even more relevant during the holidays when every mother is on hyperdrive shopping for gifts, sending holiday cards, and preparing festive meals, while still maintaining all the everyday stuff of life. But this can lead to burnout fast. It’s hard to listen to our bodies when we’re used to plowing through feelings of not getting enough done. We shouldn’t push ourselves to do it all, and we don’t have to. I’m doing my best to hang up the holiday hustle this year (at least I’m trying to!), enjoying the moments of each occasion, and taking the time to take care of myself so I can make it through without melting down. Here are my three favorite ways to slow down and practice self-care.

Have a cup of tea.

I have a special chair in our living room right by the window that I sit and relax in periodically throughout the day. I warm up a cup of my favorite tea and read a few pages from my current book or flip through a magazine. It’s a little mini-retreat built into my day and gives my body and mind a break from being constantly on the go.
Take a bike ride.

Another one of my favorite ways to decompress is to get outside and take a bike ride along the river. I have a favorite spot that I stop at and sit to listen to the rushing water and dip my toes in if the weather’s warm enough. This isn’t always doable when the kids are at home, but I can get out from time to time during the day while they’re at school–and soaking up some extra sunshine makes it even more beneficial!

Take a nice hot bath. 
This one’s pretty self explanatory, but I still don’t take enough time for this one as I should. It’s easy to come up with a list of things to do after the kids have gone to bed, but it’s really okay to stop and do nothing and luxuriate in the tub. Indulge in whatever little ways you can. Light some candles, drop some essential oils or bath salts into the water. Dry off in a beautiful soft towel from Caro Home’s Mimosa Perugia collection, and wrap up in their Isadora robe. Linger and lounge and let your body rest from your long day of being super mom.

No matter how you practice self-care, I hope that you take the time to slow down and breathe today. Our little ones want to see us happy and rested just as much as we want to see smiles on their faces this holiday season. And a big thank you to Caro Home for helping me take better care of myself. I’d love to hear how you take time for self-care in the comments below!