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It’s been years since I’ve had professional photos taken with the kids, but this year I felt compelled to make it happen. After a number of hospital visits this past fall and just a heavy year in general, I wanted to be sure to take a moment and capture the joy of our loud and boisterous family.

We originally scheduled to take photos the weekend after Thanksgiving, but were thwarted when Amelia got a black eye playing in the backyard (we did make it to the Christmas tree farm though), and then it rained the following weekend. We crossed our fingers the third time around and the weather aligned and the magic happened!

Our photographer was Vanessa Velazquez, a wonderful friend, and we chose the park at Landa Library–we’ve gone there after school for years and it holds such fond memories. And it’s a perfect spot for photos. My crew was as crazy as ever, but we had a wonderful time and Vanessa was excellent with the kids. So without further ado, here are a million photos that bring me all the joy. I hope you find the glimpses of joy over your holiday weekend no matter how heavy your year has been!