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I was invited to do a craft for a local Martin Luther King, Jr. segment on a local T.V. show and a friend recommended a dreamcatcher. I immediately fell in love with the idea (and can’t believe I’ve never made one here on Maker Mama before!). Of course I had to put my own creative reuse twist on it. So I cut up some t-shirt yarn and used the inner ring of an old embroidery hoop.

When I talked about the craft with my youngest daughter, I realized she didn’t even know what a dreamcatcher is! I described that they catch all of the bad dreams in their ‘web’ and only let the good thoughts and dreams trickle down to our minds. She cleverly said, “Maybe we should put them over our beds?” Bingo. Although they are traditionally hung over your bed while you sleep, they’re great to hang anywhere. Scroll on down to see a video on how to make your own DIY Dreamcatcher, and I’ll be posting soon on how to make your own t-shirt yarn, as well!

What big happy dreams do you have for this year?

DIY Dreamcatcher