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I’ve been a photo-lover just about all of my life. I remember having an old school polaroid camera when I was a kid, taking my rolls of film to be developed in middle and high school, and then eventually getting my first digital camera sometime in high school. I also remember getting my first cell phone around junior year in high school (a Nokia–have you seen their re-released version??). Uploading photos from a camera to a computer was definitely not my favorite thing about taking photos. So when I became an iPhone user and Instagram came along, I was in heaven.

As a visual person–and creative–I get giddy over a good photo. I’m far from a professional photographer. I have read extensively, taken classes, and carefully scrutinized how my favorite creatives take their own photos, though. And my photography skills have improved over the years as a result.

I’ve been teaching an iPhone photography workshop through the continuing education program at a local school district for over a year now. The classes are always packed. And I absolutely love when people get excited by the tips and tricks I share with them.

It has never been easier to take your own photos than it is today with the prevalence of the smartphone. No longer do you need fancy equipment or editing software. You can do it all on the go right on your phone. But that doesn’t mean every photo is automatically going to be a good one.

New Local Workshops

That’s where my new iPhone Photography workshops come in. I’ve updated the course I’ve been teaching for the last year to go over some of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your iPhone photography today. My next local workshop is coming up this Saturday, April 15th from 9:30 – 11:30 AM at the ARG Photographs studio. Tickets are limited and there’s been a lot of interest. So if you’re in San Antonio and ready to improve your photos–whether you’re a beginning blogger, small business owner, or the family historian–be sure to reserve your spot today. You can learn more and purchase tickets through the event page here: iPhone Photography Workshop.

Don’t live in San Antonio? You can sign up to be notified of upcoming online classes through my newsletter sign up. Want to host an iPhone photography workshop for your business or organization? Send an email to makermama[at]gmail[dot]com for more details!

And if you’d like a few iPhone photography tips right now, then check out the video below for my top 3 free photo editing apps.