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We’ve all been in the situation where we took what we thought was going to be the best photo ever, only to look at it later and find that is was ruined by someone photobombing in the background, a slippery thumb, or some other unsightly detail that just irks us. I used to struggle with laboriously transferring my photos from my phone (or camera), to my computer. Then figuring out how to edit them in some schmancy editing program. And finally getting them loaded up to my blog or its final destination in social media land. But now I edit my photos (even my DSLR ones) almost entirely on my phone. And I’ve found the best app to remove unwanted objects from photos–for both iPhone or Android.

I hosted my first of many live Photo Fridays over on Facebook last week and did a live demo sharing just how I edited the photos above, along with a couple more. I hate being the one to ask strangers to move out of my photo (I have no issue asking friends). And I definitely edit out really bad blemishes (we all want to look our best). So I’m super excited to be sharing this free app.

You can watch the video for the full how-to below. And be sure to like Maker Mama on Facebook, and select ‘Follow’ so you’ll be notified of my next Facebook Live (or you can just hop on at 11AM CST). I hope to see you there, and I’m looking forward to sharing more mobile photo editing tips.

Learn How to Use the Best App to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

Struggling with your own mobile photo troubles? Share them in the comments below and I’ll talk about it in a future Photo Friday! Looking for more photography tips now? Check out these other posts:

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