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Sometimes it’s okay not to reinvent the wheel, and coming up with fancy, unique ideas for Valentine’s Day is one of them. Yes, I’m giving you permission to take shortcuts on heart day. Whether you’re helping your kiddos with their classroom valentine exchange, want to send your girlfriends some love in the mail, or get cute and crafty for your beau, I’ve rounded up 18 last minute Valentines Day DIYs for you.  And there are at least 4 printable collections in here for you. Don’t be afraid to personalize the way you give them though!

1. You’re the Balm


2. Free Printable Flower Bouquets


3. DIY Painted Chocolate Bars

4. I Like You a Latte

5. DIY Funny Printable Valentine’s Cards

6. Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines


7. Embroidered Library Card Valentines

8. Succulent Bag Valentines

9. Giant Googly Eye Heart Valentine

11. Parachute Man Valentine

12. Printable David Bowie Valentines

13. Printable 80’s Inspired Valentines

14. DIY Heart Paint Splatter Balloons

15. Funny Punny Valentines

16. Salt N’ Pepa “Push It” Valentines

17. Printable Texty Valentines

18. Heart Sandwich Board

Looking for more Valentines Day DIYs?

Visit my Pinterest board with 170+ ideas waiting for you right now!

Happy heart day everyone!