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thank-you-card-gratitude-mindsetThis post is sponsored by Basic Invite

Words and writing are my first love. I received my first journal as a little girl–a small lock and key diary with a kitten on a piano–and I’ve been scribbling away ever since. I had my own series of illustrated books carefully crafted out of lined notebook paper and stapled precisely together–and featuring all of my friends, of course. My creative writing bloomed in middle school, going on to attend a district-wide writer’s conference with Naomi Shihab Nye as the keynote speaker. I was a part of the literary journal in high school, a writer for the school paper in college, a poetry scholarship recipient, a program director for a literary arts nonprofit straight out of school, and now writing is a large component of my career. But you know what I’m pretty awful at? Writing thank you notes.

For some reason, writing thank you letters has never come naturally to me. Part of me feels really embarrassed to say that (write that?) out loud. It wasn’t something I grew up doing. I won’t get into all the self-reflective psychological reasons as to why I never picked it up as a regular practice, but I will say how good it feels when I’ve received thank you cards myself. I taught a private phone photography workshop to a group of women a while back, and shortly after I received a thank you note in the mail from one of the attendees. And it stopped me in my tracks. It gave me such a boost, and I almost wanted to write a thank you for the thank you.

The art of letter and thank you writing isn’t something that we see much anymore in the world of text and direct messaging via our favorite social channels. And that’s something I want to revive in my life. I’m a big advocate for mindset shifting, and everything I’ve read and listened to consistently talks about the importance of gratitude. So when Basic Invite reached out about sampling their stationery line, thank you cards were at the top of my list.


My favorite thing about ordering my samples were how easy it was to customize my selections. I could completely customize the colors (they have over 180 color options)–even on intricate floral designs–and I could choose the font and font size for my name and brand. They enable you to do everything from design baby shower invitations and animal baby shower invitations, to customizing business cards, wedding and birthday invites, to creating printables and websites. I was thrilled to receive my samples, and loved the quality of both the colors and the card stock.

I’m looking forward to making thank you note writing a regular practice (and I may have to start doing it in front of my kids to inspire them to do the same). Interested in ordering your own samples or ready to jump in and order your favorite stationery set? Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. Looking for some inspiration? Check out Basic Invite on Instagram.

Want to learn more about the connection between gratitude and happiness? Check out this podcast episode by WNYC. Catch you here again soon–I have a thank you card to send off!