Month: November 2018

The Digital Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Create an E-Course

How to Write an E-Course Using Teachable | Digital Entrepreneur's Guide by Maker Mama

How I created my first online course I created and launched my first online course, Phone Photography Primer, this past summer, and it was an effort years in the making. I’m a pretty technically savvy person, so it wasn’t the actual making of the course that was the most challenging part of learning how to […]

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How to Look Good in Photos

How to Take Photos of Yourself and Love Them, Too! Maker Mama

I recently taught a workshop to a group of yoga teacher trainees, and before I got started with teaching I asked each of them to tell me something they loved about taking photos, and something they hated about taking photos. One thing popped up often enough in that group of a dozen women that it […]

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