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Record Family Memories with Cesar Kuriyama's 1 Second Everyday App | Maker MamaOne of my favorite New Year’s traditions is to show my kids a video project I’ve been working on all year––my 1 Second Everyday video. Cesar Kuriyama created the 1 Second Everyday app as a way to capture the everyday moments of life that are often forgotten.

It’s become a tradition with my kids to share the previous year’s video at the beginning of the New Year. I find an incredible amount of joy selecting my snippets throughout the year, and even more so surprising them with it when it’s complete. It’s a much anticipated experience––and one that I plan to maintain for years to come. And to tell you the truth, it’s something that always lifts me up. I often work on it with weeks in between, only remembering it when life brings a funk my way––and replaying the visual eye candy of my life always reminds me of the abundance of it.

How to Use the 1 Second Everyday App

When you download the free app (there are some premium features which I don’t use), it automatically tracks which days you recorded video and you can select your 1-second snippets from those.

To select the snippet from your video, you can scrub through the video and preview your selection. I like to select the best-sounding clip as well as the best-looking one.

Some other options include, adding more than one snippet to your day. And if you forgot to take your video in horizontal versus vertical mode, you can auto-expand your video to fill the screen (I finally just discovered this!).

Once you’re ready to stitch them all together, you can select your preferred presets to create a video for a certain number of days, months, years, or even seasons. You can preview the video before you save it to your camera roll (I can’t resist doing this every time I work on adding to mine).

More of a visual learner? Watch my video tutorial for using the 1 Second Everyday app below:

My Tip for Getting More Video Everyday

Afraid you won’t remember to take a video everyday? Sometimes I forget, too. But one trick I have up my sleeve is to keep the Live setting on my camera at all times. The 1SE app also detects when you have Live videos in your camera roll and allows you to pull them in as video clips as well. I tend to take photos more often than video on my phone, and it’s certainly saved me from having not having more video clips.

Why I Love Cesar Kuriyama’s One Second Everyday App

As a single mama of four who shares custody, I’ve become aware of just how short our time with our kids really is. One day they’ll grow up and leave the nest, and divorce has been a sort of precursor to that. I’m still human and fall into taking things for granted (who doesn’t feel like you’ll be stuck in whatever frustrating phase your kiddo is going through at the moment?). But pausing to reflect back on the everyday moments that so often slip away helps me to remember the preciousness of life.

Check out Cesar Kuriyama’s TED talk where he shares the origins of the 1SE app:

My 1 Second Everyday Videos for 2017 & 2018

Here’s a sneak peek into my life from the last two years:

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