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bag of groceries on counter, caption reads "10 things to know about using Shipt for grocery delivery"

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The first time I used Shipt’s grocery delivery service, I was desperate. As a divorced mother of four, being sick as a dog when your kids need to eat over a long weekend is not ideal. It was Memorial Day weekend 3 or 4 years ago, and that was exactly the predicament I was in. Shipt had just launched in San Antonio, and they were offering a great deal on the yearly membership, so I bit the bullet and signed up. It was a godsend having someone there to bring me the groceries we needed that weekend––I probably teared up a little bit about it, too. Having groceries delivered directly to my house is now a regular part of my self-employed single mom toolkit. 

And my how getting our groceries has changed this year! At the beginning of the pandemic it was really hard getting an open time slot for grocery orders (that’s not an issue anymore), and now it’s the norm to wear and mask when you do have to go. 

I do still make occasional trips to the store when I need something last minute, but I like to order for the entire week ahead when the kids are due back at my house. It saves me two hours of time that I can spend cleaning up the house, working, or just spending time with my family. 

I don’t have the benefit of comparing the service I use to all of the other ones out there, but I can speak to the in’s and out’s of using Shipt, providing some tips and a look at both the pros and cons. Here are 10 things you need to know about using Shipt for grocery delivery. 

How much does Shipt Cost?

1. There is a membership fee.

You can choose either a monthly or annual membership. The monthly Shipt membership is $14, and an annual one is $99. You save $69 with an annual membership, and you can save $10 more with my personal signup link

2. There’s a $7 delivery fee for orders under $35.

I avoid the delivery fee by always making sure I have $35 or more in my cart. The app keeps track of the amount in your basket and automatically tells you whether your order qualifies for no delivery fee. 

How Does Shipt Work?

3. You can order online or through the mobile app.

I typically create my orders via the app. It’s very user-friendly and I can order on the go without having to crack open my laptop. 

4. You can order from more than just the grocery store.

In addition to ordering groceries from HEB, you can also order deliveries from Target, Central Market, CVS, and Petco––depending on availability in your area. 

5. You pick a delivery window, not an exact time.

The trickiest thing about ordering groceries, is that you’ve still got to plan at least a little ahead of time. You typically need to order at least an hour from the 1-hour delivery window you’re requesting. It can get especially busy on weeknights, so be sure to plan ahead. I run into availability issues less these days, but sometimes had issues with no times available when I needed a delivery. 

6. Your Shipt shopper will contact you.

I usually receive a text message when my shopper is getting ready to shop for my order. This gives me an idea of whether they’ll be delivering at the top or bottom of the delivery window, and it also gives me the opportunity to make any additional requests.

7. Let your shopper know if you can’t be disturbed.

When you’re finalizing your order, you have the option to request whether they contact you for any substitutions if the store doesn’t have something, or if you’d prefer them to make the call and keep communication to a minimum. I usually find it helpful for them to ask me before substituting or leaving out any requested items that may not be available. 

8. They’ll carry the groceries to your door for you.

And in some cases they’ll even carry it to your kitchen, too. I usually just ask them to leave them right inside my front door. (Currently with the pandemic, Shipt shoppers are only dropping groceries off at your doorstep, and your shopper will notify you when they’ve dropped everything off). 

9. Your final grocery bill may be more (or less) than the original estimate.

This is typically the case if you added any items to your original order or if substitutions were made or items weren’t available.

Do You Tip Shipt Shoppers?

10. Yes! Tip your Shipt shopper!

Shipt doesn’t give you the option to tip within the app until after your order is delivered (I think they’ve actually changed that now!), and they’ll pop up with a reminder to tip and rate your last shopper the next time you open the app. Their website also says that you can tip them in person with cash, too. All digital tips go fully to your shopper, too. 

Is Shipt Worth It?

Short answer––yes, absolutely! It saves me tons of time and helps me plan ahead with my groceries and meals. And I don’t spend extra on shiny things that catch my eye in the store. If you’re a busy mama like me, then I would highly recommend giving grocery delivery with Shipt a try!

That’s the low-down on ordering groceries with Shipt. I love it and don’t see myself not using grocery delivery service anytime soon. I’d love to hear your favorite grocery delivery tips, too! 

Interested in joining Shipt yourself? Use my personal link to sign up and save $10 on your annual membership!

woman holding paper bag full of groceries, caption reads "using shipt to order groceries"

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