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We are a big road trip loving family here at the Maker Mama house. We have our share of shorter trips here and there, but I love to take the kids on longer trips at least once a year. We took a return trip to Colorado this year, stopping through Amarillo and Lubbock on the way up and back. The biggest difference about longer trips? More time in the car of course! I’ve amassed a number of tricks and car friendly games up my sleeve over the years, and the license plate game is one of them. We started just playing casually, but eventually my kids would start jotting down the states they found to keep track throughout our trips. That can get a little tedious, so I decided to create a license plate game printable and share it with you guys, too!

map of United States on clipboard surrounded by markers on bright blue background, caption reads

How to Play the License Plate Game

If you’re not familiar with the license plate game, you basically see how many license plates you can find from different states (or countries) while you’re on the road. You can do this collaboratively as a team, or you can make it competitive (better for older kids and requires the honor system). You can also give your kiddos this printable to fill out independently at their leisure.

license plate game printable

I’ve made two versions of the printable. One is a map of the United States with the initials of each state (2-for-1 geography lesson!). The second is an alphabetical checklist with Canada and Mexico thrown in, as well. You can download one or both––or even print it double sided on thicker card stock. If you want to get really extra, you can laminate them so you can reuse them every time you hit the road with the kids!

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