1 Second Everyday App by Cesar Kuriyama

Record Family Memories with Cesar Kuriyama's 1 Second Everyday App | Maker Mama

One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is to show my kids a video project I’ve been working on all year––my 1 Second Everyday video. Cesar Kuriyama created the 1 Second Everyday app as a way to capture the everyday moments of life that are often forgotten. It’s become a tradition with my kids to […]

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DIY Drink Coaster Christmas Ornaments

DIY Drink Coaster Ornaments | Holiday Craft by Maker Mama

The holiday season is prime time to get your make on, even better when the making is budget-friendly, too! I recently found myself up at a reuse store rifling through materials, letting my imagination run wild with the possibilities. I came across an assorted stash of drink coasters when all of a sudden a lightbulb […]

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The Digital Entrepreneur’s Guide: How to Create an E-Course

How to Write an E-Course Using Teachable | Digital Entrepreneur's Guide by Maker Mama

How I created my first online course I created and launched my first online course, Phone Photography Primer, this past summer, and it was an effort years in the making. I’m a pretty technically savvy person, so it wasn’t the actual making of the course that was the most challenging part of learning how to […]

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How to Look Good in Photos

How to Take Photos of Yourself and Love Them, Too! Maker Mama

I recently taught a workshop to a group of yoga teacher trainees, and before I got started with teaching I asked each of them to tell me something they loved about taking photos, and something they hated about taking photos. One thing popped up often enough in that group of a dozen women that it […]

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5 Tips for Taking Great Halloween Photos


Halloween is next week, and chances are you’re probably donning your costume this weekend, too. You and your kids have made the effort to brainstorm, shop, and create your costumes––don’t you want to get the best photos of your costumed crew possible, too?  Here are my 5 tips for taking great Halloween photos, and check […]

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