Where to Stay & What to Do: Alpine Texas


Last fall I had the opportunity to stay at my friend Cristina’s lovely Mountain View Desert Retreat in Alpine, Texas and I would make the trip again in a heartbeat. I’ve made a couple trips out to West Texas for yoga retreats to Marfa, and have enjoyed all of the sights to see in the […]

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18 Last Minute Valentines Day DIYs


Sometimes it’s okay not to reinvent the wheel, and coming up with fancy, unique ideas for Valentine’s Day is one of them. Yes, I’m giving you permission to take shortcuts on heart day. Whether you’re helping your kiddos with their classroom valentine exchange, want to send your girlfriends some love in the mail, or get […]

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How to Digitize Old Photos


Many of us have stashes of printed photos from back in the olden days before digital cameras and smart phones. If we’re not careful, many of them could be at a risk of loss–whether from deterioration or just a freak accident waiting to happen. And sometimes it would just be fun to share old faves […]

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How to Straighten Photos on Your Phone


Y’all. Did you know you can use more than just the basic tools on your phone to straighten your photos? And that you can adjust the plane of the photos, too? Check out this week’s video to see how I use my favorite app to straighten photos on your phone. This is super useful when […]

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