How to Digitize Old Photos


Many of us have stashes of printed photos from back in the olden days before digital cameras and smart phones. If we’re not careful, many of them could be at a risk of loss–whether from deterioration or just a freak accident waiting to happen. And sometimes it would just be fun to share old faves […]

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How to Straighten Photos on Your Phone


Y’all. Did you know you can use more than just the basic tools on your phone to straighten your photos? And that you can adjust the plane of the photos, too? Check out this week’s video to see how I use my favorite app to straighten photos on your phone. This is super useful when […]

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The Best App to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos on iPhone or Android

We’ve all been in the situation where we took what we thought was going to be the best photo ever, only to look at it later and find that is was ruined by someone photobombing in the background, a slippery thumb, or some other unsightly detail that just irks us. I used to struggle with […]

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21 Gifts for Kids You Won’t Regret Buying


  If there’s anything I love most about the holidays, it’s picking out a well-thought gift. My gift-giving search can border on obsessive at times, but over the years of mamahood, I’ve gotten better at picking out simple, thoughtful gifts for my kids that I don’t regret buying. I tend not to look at all […]

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Paper Chandelier | Origami Pajaki


I began folding paper cranes last fall when my son was in the hospital (you can read more about that story here), and they will always hold significance for me. As our stash of paper cranes has mounted, I knew I wanted to make something with them. Eventually the idea of combining cranes with the […]

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