The Day the Diapers Disappeared

I couldn’t tell you exactly when it happened, but Amelia–the baby of the house–is out of diapers! Somehow in the last couples months Amelia decided she was ready to use the potty and we made the switch. With four kids and almost ten years of having little ones in diapers it’s kind of amazing. But […]

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15 Holiday Gifts for Girls

Yesterday I shared my list of 15 gifts for baby and toddlers, and today I’m showing you my top picks for girls. Inspired by the simple idea of giving one gift each for something your little girl wants, needs, can wear, or read, I’ve rounded up a handful of choices for each category. Perfect for Christmas, […]

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15 Gifts for Baby and Toddlers

The holiday shopping craze is set to begin, and with four little ones I know how stressful it can get trying to think of quality gifts for everyone on your list. So to make it easier for Maker Mama readers, I’ve hand-picked gifts for everyone on your list this year! I’ll begin with the littlest […]

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Amelia’s Waldorf Doll

My little Amelia went and turned two on us while we were visiting family in Tulsa last week, so I decided to make her something extra-special. If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook you already know what I’ve been up to, but I thought I’d write a post about it here too. Not […]

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Baby Blue Bolero

After knitting my last bolero, I decided to stretch my knitting skills a little more and make some for the girls to wear at Easter. I found this pattern by Cotton and Cloud and fell in love! I can’t remember exactly how long it took me to finish (about a month?), but Amelia’s snowdrop bolero […]

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