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Heart-Shaped Crayons

I had this blog post from Craftzine bookmarked on my Google reader and it came in handy a couple of weekends ago while Chris was at work. I used our heart-shaped muffin pan to make some fun shapes (plus I don’t use it as often). Just peeling the crayons kept the kids busy for a […]

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(No More) Rainy Days Update

I’ve been busy entertaining kids indoors during the rainy (and surprisingly cool) weather the past couple of weeks, but the sun finally peeked its way through the clouds today and I decided to share some photos of what we’ve been up to. Eleanor’s in her rocking chair above wearing the knitted cardigan Gran made for […]

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Doll Lovin’

I am loving these dolls by Emily Martin of Inside a Black Apple. I’ve thought about upgrading from sock animals at some point and her little Helpful Hannah dolls make me eager to sew! I have tons of other projects lined up right now, but will be filing this away for future reference!

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