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The Mending List

It’s March already…time to start mending! If your just joining in, check out this post to read more about why I’ve devoted this month to the mending basket. Here’s a peek at what I’ll be working on this month: Replace diaper cover elastic–We’ve been cloth diapering for about a year now, and although most of […]

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Friday Favorites: Let Me Count the Ways

1. the long thread  2. manmade diy  3. aesthetic burst  4. prudent baby 1. Handmade Paper Valentines I love Ellen’s photo tutorial of how to make cookie-cutter handmade paper hearts. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making paper but it always seemed too complicated. Here she breaks it down into 9 simple steps.  […]

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Tummy Time Pillow

Take a look at what I whipped up last night! And no, I don’t mean this adorable baby… …I mean the pillow! After watching Amelia growing more and more frustrated trying to play on her belly last night, I remembered how much Skyler loved playing on his as a baby. And then I remembered the […]

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