Library Bag & Wishlist

I’ve always been a book-lover. One of my favorite past times is browsing for hours through the aisles of bookstores. In fact, I started blogging about books before I got all crafty on my now much-neglected blog, Books for Bread. Although my reading has previously been much more literary-focused, I can’t get enough of crafting […]

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A Series of Fortunate Findings

I’m getting ready to take things to the next level with my blog and chronic crafting. I’m looking into starting a (very) small business, and here’s how I decided to embark on this endeavor. First I was born… Okay I’m not really gonna start back that far, but it’s all been a sort of chain […]

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Clothespin Apron

With all the clothesline hanging I’ve been doing lately, I decided an apron for the hundred or so clothespins I use would be helpful. And I just so happened to have a pattern from the book One Yard Wonders to make one! I do the bulk of my sewing when the kids are asleep, so […]

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