Homemade Christmas Card

For some reason I decided to undertake hand printing my own Christmas cards this year. My initial motivation was innocent enough–sharing some hand-crafted goodness while spreading the real message of Christmas–but it definitely resulted in some sweat and blood (although no tears–yet). I began with a hand drawn image, transferred it onto a linoleum print […]

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Quilted Tree Skirt

I actually finished this back before Thanksgiving, but with the hecticness of life this time of year I haven’t been as on top of my blogging. I was really excited to finish my lovely tree skirt–it was actually my first complete quilted project. I still have Liam’s baby clothes quilt in progress, but it’s much […]

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Christmas Crafting

Christmas is coming and I’ve been busy as a bee! Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on. Above is a scrap wreath I made out of a dollar store wreath and some corduroy scraps inspired by this tutorial. I had a different type of wreath frame and didn’t bother cutting my strips […]

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