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Goodies from the Spare Parts Studio

I recently had the honor of visiting my friend Mary Cantú, founder and director of the local organization Spare Parts, to check out her giant collection of recycled materials that will eventually become supplies for local art teachers and educators. Spare Parts is currently housed in the Henry Ford Academy here in San Antonio, and […]

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5 Reasons to Have Your Next Party Away from Home

We celebrated Eleanor’s third birthday last weekend at the local Kiddie Park. It’s basically a mini carnival/amusement park for kids 12 and under, and it’s been around since 1925! Eleanor’s birthday is actually at the beginning of September, but after back-to-back birthdays in August, I was a little pooped. We chose to have her party […]

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4 Reasons to Choose Resale Over Retail

I recently visited my long-time friend Jessica for a weekend in Ft. Worth. Thrifting has long been one of our favorite things to do together, and we couldn’t pass up another opportunity! I had saved some extra spending money just for the trip so I came away with quite a haul, and I thought I’d […]

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