4 Reasons to Choose Resale Over Retail

I recently visited my long-time friend Jessica for a weekend in Ft. Worth. Thrifting has long been one of our favorite things to do together, and we couldn’t pass up another opportunity! I had saved some extra spending money just for the trip so I came away with quite a haul, and I thought I’d […]

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Kids Clothes Week Wrap-Up

I started off pretty diligent for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last week, putting in my hour of sewing each day. But I definitely tapered off by the end of the week and didn’t complete as many things as I’d hoped to (not that I can’t sew them any other time). I did manage a […]

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Birthday Boy Pajamas

Our little boy turned four just a couple weeks ago, and for his birthday I decided to make him a pair of summer pajamas. I picked out a blue and white seersucker, perfect for keeping cool (hopefully cool enough) during hot summer nights in South Texas. It was hard keeping them a secret–I needed every […]

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