Crocheted Hats for the Kids

I’ve been meaning to make hats for the kids to match the scarves I made a while back. I actually finished them up a couple of weeks ago, but it took me a little while to get a picture of them all with their hats on together.  This was my first attempt at crocheting hats, […]

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Scarves in a Row

So I guess I can’t technically count this as part of my completed projects for the kids clothes week challenge (I finished the teal and pink scarf before this week and also started the grey one beforehand), but I did finally finish up the grey one this week. So the set is complete, or at […]

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In the Making

Today I crocheted a row or two of the ribbed scarf I’m making for Liam. I’ve already finished one each for Eleanor and Skyler and hope to make them all matching hats. But for today, this is the little bit I made. And a handful of littles makes a lot.

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