The Sock Kitties Are Coming!

In preparation for this Sunday’s Alamo City Handmade Spring Craft Show at Scenic Loop Cafe , I’ve been busy as a bee this past month. Along with more crocheted items , ruffle blankets , and needlebooks , I’ve whipped up a batch of handmade sock kitties. I still have a few finishing touches to make (six more flowers to […]

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(No More) Rainy Days Update

I’ve been busy entertaining kids indoors during the rainy (and surprisingly cool) weather the past couple of weeks, but the sun finally peeked its way through the clouds today and I decided to share some photos of what we’ve been up to. Eleanor’s in her rocking chair above wearing the knitted cardigan Gran made for […]

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Secret Crochet Project

I taught myself to crochet over the summer and have started a project for a certain unnamed niece’s 3rd birthday next month. I started off learning by making washcloths, and have been driving myself nuts trying to perfect making these triangles. After many tries (and a handful of online tutorials) I think I finally have […]

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