Friday Favorites

1.  dollhouse drawers   2.  tin can cover  3.  chalkboard tablecloth  4. baby jean skirt tutorial There are just too many great ideas in the blog world! At least I know I’ll never be without a project–let’s just hope I’ll never be unable to make them! Here are my favorites of the week: the dollhouse […]

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Liam’s Quilt

So I finally finished Liam’s baby clothes quilt in the last few minutes of Mother’s day this week. It’s been a long time coming, too–I started at least a year ago! Not that I’ve been working on it every day since, but there were a lot of tedious steps with how I designed this particular […]

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The Sock Kitties Are Coming!

  In preparation for this Sunday’s Alamo City Handmade Spring Craft Show at Scenic Loop Cafe , I’ve been busy as a bee this past month. Along with more crocheted items , ruffle blankets , and needlebooks , I’ve whipped up a batch of handmade sock kitties. I still have a few finishing touches to make (six more flowers […]

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