Head Over Heels

Eleanor just loves her cloth diapers…okay she’s indifferent, really, but that’s part of the goal in making the switch–you don’t want your little one to notice (or at least not put up a fuss). Liam, our two-year-old has also made the switch (he took a little more convincing), and we’ve gotten into a good routine […]

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A Newly Cloth-Diapering Mama

Numerous choices arise in the world of parenting, especially in children’s infancy: bottle or breastfeed, attachment parenting vs. teaching early independence, staying at home or going back to work. On top of it all, every product choice we make seems to say something about what kind of parents we are, or at least what kind […]

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New Items in Etsy Shop

I’ve slowly but surely been adding some of my crocheted items to my Etsy shop. Above is a photo of the crochet facial circles I use in place of disposable cotton ones to remove makeup and such. They’re cute, absorbent, and easy to wash! I’ll be adding more colors in my shop along with a […]

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