12 Green Kids Crafts

Our favorite craft supply source in our home is by far the recycling bin! Not only does it save us money from buying materials, but it gives our recyclables a second life! Check out some of my favorite projects you can find online: 1. Recyled Bottle Cap and Plastic Lid Frog by Creative Jewish Mom […]

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Spring Greening Series Week 2: Family

Welcome to week two of the Spring Greening Series! Last week we took a look at greening your home and this week we’re focusing the discussion on our families. I’ll be sharing some ideas about natural beauty and body products, the food we eat, cloth diapering, and a few crafty bits to add to the […]

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Book Reviews: Easy Green Living & Planet Home

  Since both of these books have a big focus on greening your home, I decided to review them together for a side-by-side comparison. First up is Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender, cofounder of Seventh Generation. I was admittedly first drawn to the book’s design. It has great graphics throughout the book, along with a […]

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