Spring Greening Series Week 2: Family

Welcome to week two of the Spring Greening Series! Last week we took a look at greening your home and this week we’re focusing the discussion on our families. I’ll be sharing some ideas about natural beauty and body products, the food we eat, cloth diapering, and a few crafty bits to add to the […]

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Some Thoughts On Making

  My family didn’t use our “formal” dining room for over a year after we first moved into our house. We didn’t have a table large enough for us all to sit at, although we did have a much-loved hand-me-down table in our kitchen (used for everything from meals, to painting, to homework). We knew […]

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Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day

So after reading this article about celebrating an unromantic Valentine’s day, I thought it would be a great idea to plan a surprise for my hubby and focus less on making the day all filled with hearts and roses (although he did surprise me with flowers on Sunday), and more about what my hubby would […]

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