Eleanor’s 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Eleanor’s 4th birthday earlier this month in classic little-girl style with a pink princess castle piƱata… …some tea party fun… …handmade crowns… …and shields (for her knights of course)… …and wishes for the birthday girl. Oh, and don’t forget the after-party dancing (the girls loved twirling and singing like princesses).  I don’t know […]

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Last Week at the Maker Mama House

Sunday: It rained cats and dogs and made a ton of mud in our back yard, which of course the kids had to play in. We also made homemade playdough after they dried off. Monday: I indulged Eleanor by painting her nails for the very first time.  I did buy a formaldehyde-free brand though. She […]

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Sick Season Survival Tips

Sick season started at our house this week, with two of the kids coming down with a stomach bug. Being sick (and cleaning up after sick kids) is never fun, but after nearly ten years of tackling sick season, it doesn’t leave us nearly as frantic as it used to. I’ve seen it all from […]

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Lego Kidsfest Review

The Lego Kidsfest came to Austin over Labor Day weekend and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take the kids. We made it Skyler’s birthday celebration, and invited one of his school friends to go along. The event was broken up into five different sessions over the weekend. We went to the Saturday morning session […]

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This Time Last Year: 9/11 Tunnel to Towers Run

Last year we attended our local Tunnel to Towers Run honoring firefighter Stephen Siller who died on 9/11 after running 5K with 60lbs of fire gear on his back. My husband is a firefighter with SAFD, and I took the kids to watch while he ran the race. It was the kids’ first exposure to […]

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